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Jamaicans: Tired of Sexism, Child Abuse, Homophobia, Transphobia?

By Jason Latty Tomorrow will mark 38 years since the now deceased Prime Minister Michael Manley called the infamous State of Emergency. Many view that 1976 episode as one of the worst attacks on freedom of speech since Jamaica gained

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Memories of Childhood In A Jamaican Exercise Book

Talking to a friend on my Facebook post this morning about the post of this exercise book, I have to say there is a huge amount of joy when we use memory to return to what we consider as “poverty”

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Sister Forces Religion On Dying Gay Atheist

My best friend, who is currently dying in a nursing residence, a friend who is a proud atheist and homosexual, a friend who assigned me as his health care proxy rather than his own family members, faces another hurdle in

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Gay Jamaican Mobbed — Another One

By Maurice Tomlinson On September 20, 2013 after visiting a friend in Newlands, St. Catherine, a 22-year-old Jamaican was walking home. Without warning, a mob of about 20 to 30 men began shouting, “Ketch di battyboy!” meaning catch the faggot.

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Jamaican LGBT Activists Protest In The Heart of Homophobia

LGBT Jamaicans and their allies protested the increased attacks against gay Jamaicans in front of Devon House in the afternoon rain on September 10th.  According to one organizer Angeline Jackson of Quality Citizenship Jamaica (QCJ), the protest was successful “because

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Jamaica Boycott Or Not? A Question For Canadians

By Maurice Tomlinson Boycotts are very blunt instruments used to get attention. They should be used sparingly or they can do more harm than good. I only recommend them whenever there is no other way to get the intended party

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