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A Small Place — My View

A Small Place by Jamaica Kincaid–If only we could have more works like this: bold, not politically correct, honest, and unedited in many ways. I haven’t read her other works yet, but I bet that she no longer writes in

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Beware of Those Friends and Colleagues Who Evaluate Your Work

When you ask someone to evaluate your artistic production (say a book) and you know they skimmed it and didn’t finish but yet they are evaluating it with universal rhetorical feedback that could apply to any text, how do you

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Controversy Empire TV Series

Regarding the old controversy about the TV series Empire, it’s my position that some people place too many demands on filmmakers that address black lives. This very reason explains why some filmmakers do not want to take on issues that

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Scandal — Time To Feature Olivia Popes Uncontrolled By Sex

In Scandal’s Episode 8: Thou Shall Not Forsake Thy Father, Mellie Grant finally lets her hair down and dishonored a marriage that had long ignored her. Meanwhile, Olivia Pope cried crocodile tears on the phone to get her father to

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Richard Wright’s Racism on African Soil

A response I posted on Facebook on September 7th: Feeling lazy, but am about to start reading this 200–page book for an African Theory class on Wednesday: “The Invention of Africa: Gnosis, Philosophy and the Order of Knowledge” by V.Y.

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Manuscript Rejection Letter Motivates Me

I won’t mention the name other than to say I got a rejection letter on July 23 from a respected name in one of the big publishing houses. At first I felt downhearted but minutes later I found strength because

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For Colored Boys Who Have Considered Suicide – Review

The testimonies in Keith Boykin’s anthology For Colored Boys Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Still Not Enough should remind gay activists to not accept the luxury many gay persons enjoy in refusing to occasionally announce their sexuality. 

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