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Cornel West — Public Intellectual Labor versus Academic Labor

I laugh to myself when I hear some academics agree with Michael Eric Dyson’s assertion that Cornel West has not produced any significant scholarship in years and that somehow makes Cornel academically unproductive. What have many of these critics produced?

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Solidarity With Baltimore Protestors. Resist White Wisdom

The same narrative told to blacks to behave themselves and allow justice to run its course is the same meat of white wisdom given to plantation slaves for centuries. In the 21st century, police and prosecutors lynch the lives and

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Controversy Empire TV Series

Regarding the old controversy about the TV series Empire, it’s my position that some people place too many demands on filmmakers that address black lives. This very reason explains why some filmmakers do not want to take on issues that

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Is Talk About Race Overwhelming? Ben Okri

I got an email from a supervisor this morning. (I will say supervisor because I don’t want to reveal too much of the specifics I’m addressing, but this person has some professional authority over me.) It has to do with

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Why Aren’t We Asking More Questions of Bill Cosby’s Accusers

Two more women have come forward accusing Bill Cosby of sexual assault, so I have a few concerns. What are the criteria the media use to publish these rape allegations? Can any woman who was around in the 1970s just

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The Enemy: the motherfucking police!

Am I the only one noticing this, but there is so much race stuff going on lately. I feel like I’m living the 1950s-70s I read about and watch in documentaries. And I make this observation in a good way.

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Who am I?

So important to put our needs in the public sometimes even though we operate within a tradition that makes it appear as if seeking help demonstrates our weakness, our poverty, our insufficiency, rather than our deeds from places of power

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Obama’s Body: A Barrier to Black Progress

Tavis Smiley is correct for telling President Obama to stop telling black people that they can’t compare what is happening now to what happened fifty years ago and for insisting that blacks should wait. Why should I wait? I can’t

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Do I like Police Officers? Ferguson and Eric Garner

I can’t understand how a police officer can choke a man to death, a strategy that is banned by the police force, but the Grand Jury refused to send the case to trial. What worries me is that these are

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Media Images Destroy Ferguson

Let us to remember to look at the images we receive—what the media present to us as pictures and scenes and the ones that consequently dominate the imageries of our thoughts. Why are images of looting the popular ones shown

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