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Purging My Body of Tensions: Exercising

I went to the gym this morning: did the spinning class and some free weight exercises that hit all my body parts. The spinning class was the bomb. I felt a load has been lifted from behind my neck. I

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Academic Writing is Delivered & Delivers Me

In fiction—at least in the last six months—my voice has become free. I worry less about what the publishing market demands. Why? Everybody is worried and still only few are getting published. So why not do what I want to

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Who am I?

So important to put our needs in the public sometimes even though we operate within a tradition that makes it appear as if seeking help demonstrates our weakness, our poverty, our insufficiency, rather than our deeds from places of power

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Anxiety Versus Success

Yesterday, as I rewrote a chapter in a novel I’ve been working on for a while, I said to myself, “I hate this fucking shit, I’ve been working on it for years, I just want it done right so I

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Return to the Gym

I have been attending the gym only once a week these days. It worried me a bit but not enough because my body isn’t looking like a cane truck yet. But a friend visited me on Sunday and started playing

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A Book I Should Put Together

It occurred to me on November 6th that I have focused so much on editing my novel that I hadn’t realized I could put together a non-fiction collection. I have consistently posted stuff on Facebook for at least 7 years;

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Too Fast: Reading fast, Walking Fast, Writing Fast

Posted on Facebook on October 4th: Lately, I’ve been moving fast. Too fast. Reading fast. Walking fast. Writing fast. Speaking fast. I need to slow down. I have to slow down. I realized I’ve been exploiting the pool of energy

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Slow Down

Had to remind myself this morning to SLOW DOWN, even slow down the speed with which I move to show others I love them.

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Appreciation for Facebook Friends

Hello my Facebook family, I feel compelled to say I appreciate you. Now that I have said it I feel my day will move easier because many of us need to remember that our peaceful presence, our expressed love, and

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Those Bragging About Sleep Deprivation

I admire many of my friends who brag that they barely get 5 hours of rest each night because they are so committed to work, family, and career goals. The way some of them talk about it, it sounds like

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