NBC Universal Uses the Left and Roger Ailes

The strategies NBC Universal uses to promote Megyn Kelly tap into the legacies of the late Roger Ailes. Yet the left is quiet on this one. This left got Roger Ailes out of Fox News before he died. The left got Bill O’Reilly out as well. Fox News is losing in ratings. NBC tries to speed faster than CNN to fill the void. NBC knows it can only fill this gap by appeasing Trump’s base.

Who is the left working for? I wonder.

CNN fires Kathy Griffin. How dare Griffin make the son of the president, Barron Trump become so frightened! What was said in the privacy of the Trump family became public knowledge. We learn that Barron believed the bloody head held by Griffin was daddy’s head. Because the public knew that even little Barron was scared, Griffin had to go for that and other reasons.

Not long after Griffin, Reza Aslan was labeled as way out of line for suggesting that our respected president is a piece of shit. Even Sean Hannity suggested Reza should not have been fired. CNN’s compassionate gestures towards Trump’s base will ensure that Trump sends his people over to CNN. And expect Trump to give CNN more ratings with increased appearances, even as he throws mud at the media.

CNN will not win this battle for Trump’s audience so easily though. Already, MSNBC, owned by NBC Universal, has grabbed Greeta Van Susteren, one of Ailes protégés. Recent data pointed out that Van Susteren is bringing in the cash on the 6 p.m. slot with audiences between the ages of 25-54. Among the same audience in the 9 p.m. segment, Rachel Maddow beat Fox’s Tucker Carlson recently to the left’s satisfaction that their labor has paid off.

Over at NBC—MSNBC’s sister company—Megyn Kelly taps into the gifts harvested by Roger Ailes. In reaping Ailes investment while using Ailes’s media style, NBC allows Kelly to announce her entrance with an interview of Putin. Senator John McCain calls this Russian president a greater threat to global security, far greater than ISIS.

Had a member of Fox News conducted this interview, would the left have been outraged? What was in it for Putin that he agreed to an interview by someone and a network that had been hostile to him in the past? Putin knew Kelly and NBC would have done nothing to promote his image, then why did Putin permit the interview? Who made the call to Putin?

It couldn’t have been Kelly. It had to have come from all the way at the top of NBC Universal. What was promised by the big men at NBC Universal? Why hasn’t the media probed this line of concern? The silence of the left encouraged Kelly to further tap into the gifts she gathered from Ailes. Now Kelly is about to broadcast an interview with Alex Jones. Need I say more about Jones’s character?

The left that had grown agitated because Kathy Griffin held up the head of a declared sex offender who bragged of his fancy for grabbing women by their private parts is silent. This is the left that went after Jennifer Holiday for promising to sing at Trump’s inauguration even as it didn’t excoriate democratic senators and congress persons for attending that inauguration.  The left didn’t initiate a collection drive to give Holiday a financial option, since she had not been selling records since the 90s. The left also found its voice when it came out against Obama for accepting a $400,000 fee for a speech to Wall Street.

Do you understand why I am confused? The left is not very logical in its actions–not progressively consistent either. The left has indeed been consistent in going after its own and after members of the right. At the same time, the left has not assessed who benefits from its labors and logic?

For the moment, we know NBC Universal is grateful for Trump’s hatefulness, appreciative of his pledged violences. These prerequisites give Trump popularity. They constitute the magnetism the media is addicted to for audience building and ratings. Under the leadership of the media, the left nevertheless rallies against these Trumphian things, ultimately targeting Fox News, one of Trump’s nesting places. As Fox News temporarily falls, NBC Universal draws on the practices of Ailes, with the hopes of merging Trump audience and lefts diehards.



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