Hello Black People, Don’t Endorse Hillary or Bernie so Fast

Hello Black People,

Many of you are beyond your late twenties and still you are acting like dunces, going to war with your social media friends in debates over Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. This is politics! These politicians are going to drink wine and eat cheesecake when the election is over. But here you are, demonizing each other and fighting like pigs over who is the best choice to deliver black people from American terrorisms.

Among Bernie’s supporters, it seems settled that the Clintons are users (and they really are!). But question: what has Bernie promised to do to save black lives? Don’t tell me about his voting record! I care about what he will do in the future—and whether his promises are possible.

Has Bernie Sanders presented any specific plans about how he will end police terrorisms against black bodies? Has he put forward any specific plans about how he will galvanize congressional support to end the profiteering practices of the private prison industries? Has Bernie put forward any specific plans about how he will guarantee that schools with children of color have access to the same quality of instruction and technologies as schools in white districts?

Breaking up the big banks is fine; but, Bernie, do you have any idea how you are going to break up the police culture so that black families won’t have to bury a son and daughter every day due to police terrorism?

So many of us are campaigning and battling for Bernie and we have no idea about how Bernie is going to deliver. In fact, Bernie hasn’t even promised to deliver anything. Bernie is merely saying what is wrong with the U.S. and what idealistically needs to be done. He is filled with ideas–OMG, he is gifted with ideas—but this good man lacks vision about how to implement his ideas.

Concerning civil rights issues, Bernie is saying what every 7-year-old kid is already talking about on playgrounds. That police needs to stop killing black people. That whites need to stop discriminating against black people. That black schools need good classrooms like those of white kids. (Did I miss a few things?) Bernie’s only difference from the 7-year-olds is that he sounds more like an ideologue—just like high schoolers excited to discover a new piece of knowledge—and there they are, always debating the value of feminism, capitalism, Marxism, and so forth.

What worries me is that too many of us are so used to picking from bad choices that we are incapable of just waiting—raising questions while we wait, negotiating, and demanding. All we are doing is rushing to endorse either Bernie or Hillary—selling our value before we know what we will receive. In the process, we insult and end old friendships over battles concerning Hillary’s and Bernie’s goals.

Tell me, what will Bernie or Hillary do to address police terrorism on black lives? What steps will they take to guarantee passage of such strategies and potential bills in a currently divisive political atmosphere? Notice that during all presidential debates, neither Bernie nor Hillary articulated a plan to address America’s terrorisms on black bodies. In fact, when it came to national security issues and the economy, they provided clear historical details of problem areas and sites. They diagnosed the urgencies of those issues. They followed up with proposals and options to remedy the problem-consequences. Also consider how these sections of the debates were long. But when it came to equal treatment for people of color, these sections of the debates were usually short and rushed—in the same way that black lives are taken down speedily by police guns, ineffective public defenders, a prison industry, and lack of opportunities in an inequitable economic environment. And the answers ob both candidates were idealistic—far from putting forward specifics.

Clearly, the black vote has been purchased with political chicanery—articulations of idealism that cannot be challenged during their presidencies, because they didn’t provide any specific steps that could be held accountable. Neither did any of these candidates informed the moderators to spend more time discussing racism in the U.S. because they really are not passionate about black lives.

Why does the black community forget so easily? Why do we sell our voices, our writings, our passions, or decisions, our social media activities, and endorsements so hastily? Have we forgotten that Bernie had no tolerance for protests concerning black lives? Do we forget his counteracting resentment and anger towards protestors of the Black Lives Matter movement (even though I opposed the protestors’ aggressive strategy at the time)? Have we forgotten that his answer to the protesters was that he supports black rights all his life but that police terrorism is not a problem that can be fixed in reasonable time? Bernie was really telling the protestors to get the fuck out of his way and stop demanding the impossible.

But Bernie has since changed, and now wants America to understand that black lives should matter. But when did Bernie become so new and different—so suddenly passionate about our lives—after sitting so many years in the Congress and doing nothing except for voting on a few civil rights bills and claiming that such a voting record gives him credibility?

I ain’t no cheap bitch! A few votes are not enough to buy me. I need to see the history of Bernie’s passion on issues that respect and save lives like mine. If that does not exist, I need to hear him present a comprehensive proposal that will address my needs—at least one—that ensures my body and breath will be safe from police terrorism. Furthermore, in the last debate, Bernie’s response about why the black community is more hyped-up over Clinton shows that he doesn’t consider black lives as American lives.

“When the African American community becomes familiar with my congressional record and with our agenda, and with our views on the economy, and criminal justice,” Bernie explained, “just as the general population has become more supportive, so will the African American community, so will the Latino community. We have the momentum, we’re on a path to a victory.”

I take it that Bernie doesn’t consider the African American of Latino community as part of the “general population.” Blacks and Latinos are alien in the U.S. That is Bernie’s deepest view. They don’t belong here.

Bernie’s response tells us who he is. Why shouldn’t we believe him? Instead, even with this knowledge, many black persons think that Bernie is the new Moses who will lead them across the Red Sea. Like all politicians, both Hillary and Bernie are playing games with the black community. So where the fuck are our bats and soccer balls, and our tennis rackets and basketballs? Why shouldn’t we play and try to win this game too—get the best outcomes for our lives? Instead of playing, why are we speeding to endorse and even taking up amour to cut down those who oppose Bernie or Hillary? Our weakness is so clear that even Donald Trump is now catching on to the old game of the Democratic Party. Trump has been reminding us that he is going to get most of the black votes.

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