Wonderful Summer 2015

I am having a wonderful summer—one of the best. It seems to be getting better every year. I met my literature-reading, foreign language, and health goals. Sometime this week, I will return home, ready to map out new goals for the rest of the year. That includes paying more attention to my eating lifestyle, growing my confidence, passing the Orals Exam (one that requires I read around 100 books), continuing with language development, and researching career/s professionalization strategies.

I list my journey because I hope to remind many of you to take note of your success; and never take for granted that you are happy. You deserve to be happy and you have made a lot of sacrifices to earn your happiness. So go ahead and speak to yourself about the things you should celebrate!

And for those of you who feel that things are not happening for you because nobody is helping you. I would encourage you to begin to accept a reality: you have to help yourself! Don’t depend upon family, lover, or friends to carry your boat! That is the world we live in, baby! You have to do for yourself.

People will rush to help you only when they believe you are going somewhere. Time is precious and nobody wants to waste time pushing a boat that is going to sink a few kilometers down the river. What is in it for them? You better believe that is the question even your own papas and mamas ask themselves quietly.

Some of you might ask—but how do I begin and I have no money?

Can you read and write? Obviously! Because you have made it this far in this piece of writing. Additionally, if you have Internet access, get on the information highway, read-read, and research-research your way into success. Every bit of knowledge is on the Internet for free these days. And people are there ready, not to help you, but to work with you. Bring something to the table and people will work with you: bring knowledge! No, I don’t believe school is for every brilliant knowledgeable person.

In a nutshell, celebrate your small successes, map out new goals, embrace a self-reliant attitude towards life, take care of your physical and emotional self, and go hard (really hard) after your dreams.

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