Black Lives Matter, Stop Bullying Bernie Sanders

It’s one thing to protest; it’s another thing to intimidate. The recent response of a couple members of Black Lives Matter is an outright intimidatory tactic. And I wonder why this is done to Bernie Sanders and not to other political candidates like Hilary Clinton. Is this sexism…? And why hasn’t Barack Obama being targeted in the same way? Obama has been president for close to 7 years–why haven’t his events been disrupted? Is this racism…? Attack the white man when it comes to race, but leave the do-nothing black president alone? the era of open season on white men only? still the era of leave the white women for now because they are busy dealing with white feminism?

Of course, many white men deserve it, but why is the banging stopping at their doors? Barack Obama has been one of the worst presidents in recent history when it comes to addressing civil rights for black people; yet he gets a free pass, and the intimidation is only unleashed on a white man who has a long shot at being president–a white man who has always spoken and voted in favor of black civil rights. Isn’t this just outrageous!? Intimidate the ally; stay far from the others!

Indeed, I understand the frustration about increasing bleeding black bodies, but now I am wondering whether these disrupters were paid to tarnish the movement’s reputation; how much were they paid? And do they—or should we–call this public performance activist work? Or could it be some bullies who are trying to get some media attention so they can increase their social media following?! Hello!—like y’all don’t know how it’s done dirty–actively nasty-activists filthy–these days!!!!

What is civil rights activism? is a question that we need to ponder; because more and more it seems that the marketed idea of what is activism is not moving beyond the activities of getting arrested, blocking traffic, holding placards, singing Christian songs, screaming, and praying in the streets to the media-god, and getting outrageous enough to get a space in godly news medium.

Of course all that is good, but it is time to identify and validate the many existing counter and complimentary forms of civil rights activist works? People who are doing things with their lives–accessing careers that are traditionally occupied by privilege white people–are they activists, or do they need to hold a placard and take it to the streets first?

A black woman who is studying Mandarin in order to understand Chinese culture and some day open opportunities that combine Afro and Chinese heritages–is that activism or does she need to get arrested first?

The media’s swiftness to broadcast and give media celebrity status to a very limited scope of activist work destroys the character of what is activist diversity. Too often civil rights activism is only presented as a site with bullies, loud talkers, rebellious bodies, placard holders, street marchers, and police confronters–a site that accommodates them in the name of radicalism that is often narrowly focussed: it’s radical, not because it is strategically smart; it’s radical because it breaks the rules!

Have mercy upon us, wisdom! O wisdom, where are you?! For in these spaces, activism is presented as only what is visible–absolutely ignoring the labors of the invisible. Thus, the public as a collective is never trained to imagine diverse ways to produce change and to recognize diverse activist allies and opponents. At the individual level, too, persons are starved of confidence, creativity, and education that could be used to empower themselves. –You see why I am sick and tired of the Left these days!

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