Dreams Can Still Occur

Apart from blood and bones, what makes most of us similar are the daily struggles we face, not just to stay alive, but to live in peace and with purpose by fulfilling dreams. Under the persistent scarring by struggles, many of us collapse by inner defeated thoughts, some rise to walk again, some are still paralyzed, others have gone too soon. And there are those who continue to wonder—should I still linger here? What’s the purpose of life, and of my life? Those who read these words and bear witness, and consequently feel a tingle of hope, know they must continue to survive with smiles because dreams can still occur.

Dreams can still occur! Dreams can still occur! Doesn’t it sound clichéd? What is so new about this statement that has been circulated in life and above the graves of millions? The answer I have is that dreams can still occur, and we must receive this thought daily: Creatively receive it in the same way we creatively produce art, talk, and business strategies.

It is the consistent production and re-production, the persistency of circulation and re-circulation, the presentation and re-presentation to ourselves of this old thought—Dreams can still occur–that will continue to give us the fuel to smile throughout our life as we tackle purposefulness and dreams.

Now we know or acknowledge that we have been the greatest artist, daily, creatively, molding our thoughts to live in peace with joyfulness. That we now know or remember, we will consciously tap into our creativity as we shape and liberate that old thought: dreams can still occur!

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One comment on “Dreams Can Still Occur
  1. Tracy Williams says:

    Dreams really still occur. It has to be an inner drive that manifests itself through determination and resilience.

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