Off Coffee and No more Emotional Eating

I have been off coffee for a week. The withdrawal consequences are over, except I can’t read as much academic material as I used to. Still I can manage to read lighter articles such as those most circulated on the Internet. I have had a back and forth relationship with coffee. I usually do one cup per day, or two cups at most. Nonetheless, I considered myself an addict because without that morning cup of coffee, I could never function throughout the day. I am hoping this time, there will be no return. I’m excited to see how my body will take time to heal from the years of coffee’s addictive violence.

People suggest green tea as a replacement. A ton of research supports the benefits of green tea as it does coffee. Still, I am not so sure green tea is for me. Perhaps it does miracles for others, yes. But my goal is to get rid of caffeine from my system. Green tea has caffeine, though in less amounts than coffee. It was useful as a substitute in getting me off coffee. I will drink a cup occasional, but not every day. This morning I began my day with a cup of hot water. I squeezed a whole lemon in it. I’m feeling fine.

Aside from the victory over coffee, today begins a new chapter in my life. No more emotional eating. Last night, through an article, I discovered that I have been an emotional eater all my life. It shocked me, because I thought I had my emotional life in order: usually stress free; constantly courting inner peace; not shot down my challenges; great at motivating myself; desiring intimate love but not thirsty for it; often desiring sex but will not stoop to the whorish or desperate level; and I constantly make jokes with myself and laugh with myself.

Yet last night I began to recall that when I am studying, I constantly go to the refrigerator and eat. Or if in a coffee house, I eat every hour. Yes, I usually snack on things like bananas, papayas, nuts, mangoes, chicken sandwiches, etc. Healthy stuff, but isn’t eating unnecessarily unhealthy? My goal is to now eat whenever I am hungry, but to still have at least three meals per day. I believe I can accomplish this. This will make my body more energetic, lighter, calmer, and more attractive. Isn’t that a goal worth striving for?

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