Shift to Gun Rights Over Racism. Charleston Terrorism

To address the Charleston terrorism, Obama and Clinton shifted the talk to gun rights instead of concentrating on terrorism and racism. At least Clinton performed the politics expected and mentioned racism. Yet Obama, though in the later part of his presidency, remains too timid to address race. Rather than mention racism, Obama’s passion lies in addressing gun rights. Blame it on the guns! Forget about racism!

That Clinton spoke about racism, I wonder–who will be a better president when it comes to fighting for racial equality? He who accepts that he cannot speak, or She who knows she must speak? Yet though Clinton mentioned race, she joined Obama and shifted the talk to gun rights. The media and politicians feel comfortable discussing gun rights because that chitchat will go nowhere. No one will have any mental or physical work to do. Additionally, supporters and opposers of gun rights can still assert having access to moral integrity. Thus, Obama and Clinton’s strategy of shifting the talk to gun rights fails to engage an analysis of white male terrorism and racism in the U.S.

Of course, I know they would never acknowledge white male terrorism, but I expected them to seize the moment and emphasize white male racism. Instead of fulfilling a morally reasonable expectation, Obama and Clinton performed the sadness that was politically expected in front of the cameras. But when we strip away their performance clothing and examine their words, we notice that these performers show no vision.

And they make no promise, which black and brown peoples need if they are to secure their bodies from increasing white male terrorism, white misogyny, white-male hypermasculinity, white privilege, and the nurtured white Southern conservative traditions of violence, and the activist media and corporate sponsored movements determined to haunt people of color.

American is an unsafe place for people of color! we are educated every day. White male terrorist crusades against people or color have become more daring. In their wake, so many bleeding bodies! So many snatched breaths by the claws of white terrorists! Who will be the victims tomorrow? remains the concern of victim populations. What more freedoms do they want from us? is the question of the victimizer population, a question that has been emerging boldly from the shadows under Obama’s leadership.

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