Know Your Negative Friends

You certainly must know your negative friends: know the potentials of the ones who will slay you behind your back the moment you have a disagreement with them, and those ones who like to divide a group of friends so they can be the main contact person in the friendship, and those ones who think they have a starry crown when it comes to keeping a long-lasting malice, and those ones who do nothing for your well-being except offer frequent phone calls in which they talk only about themselves but they think they are so super important as a friend, and those ones who have nothing to say when you talk about your career and health goals but they can’t stop talking when the subject turns to the girl and boy next door, and those ones who always express that they cannot trust any friend or family when truth is that they can’t trust their own selves because they betrayed their own self so many times, and those ones who do not support your healthy sacrifices but instead tempt you to destroy your dedication with a slice of pie, an alcohol or soda drink here and there, a drug to take away your worries, and words that make you feel like a gym-and-diet addict who cannot just relax like everybody else, and those who want to stay close only because they see you as being only a block away each time their pussy, dick, and ass hunger for a jolly time, and those ones who cannot understand your passionate aversion to drama so they say you are acting as if you are always peaceful and smarter than every body else, and those ones who expect you to treat them as close friends but you know that the closest they will ever get to you is to sit with you in a coffee shop, and those ones who keep telling you about the great accomplishments others with big names are making in their field but never once acknowledge that you are in the same field doing big things too even though you don’t have a big name, and those ones who find your company uninteresting when they find a partner, some peace, and sex, when, otherwise they see you as their adviser, their therapist, their person to call when an urgent decision is needed, and those ones who stop answering their phones the moment you begin to answer their calls more frequently, because history tells you that they will begin to answer your calls the moment you stop answer theirs with frequency, and those ones who don’t want to understand why you must step away from their company sometimes to see only yourself and listen only to your heartbeat—yes, know your negative friends because you must always be ready to love some of them some more, pause the relationship with some, and cut off some more.

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