Stop Taking Advantage of Your Academic Friends

People, stop taking for granted your academic friends who teach, do academic research, or write for a living!

(1) No, they won’t read your college and work assignments for free!

(2) No, they won’t read your emails for free!

(3) No, they won’t read your poetry or manuscript for free.

(4) No, they won’t write for your low-ranking blog, which you started yesterday, (not even for money), because that platform won’t benefit their career advancement!

(5) No, they won’t make appearances on your video blog or radio show that has only 100 subscribers and consistently low viewers on each show.

(6) No, they won’t serve on some bullshit board of a not-for-profit business you started this morning, one similar to the one you started two months ago, and that one you started a year earlier, and the others you started in the last five years, which all closed after they were opened.

(7) Yes, while you may be able to get writings and knowledge for free all over the Internet, these writing-and-knowledge producers still need you to understand that teaching/academic research/writing is their profession.

(8) So yes, consider the productions and labor of their profession as you consider that of friends who are filmmakers, fashion designers, musicians, doctors, lawyers, and stockbrokers.

(9) Oh, yes, yes, your friends are sick and tired of your constant disregard for their profession.

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