The Enemy: the motherfucking police!

Am I the only one noticing this, but there is so much race stuff going on lately. I feel like I’m living the 1950s-70s I read about and watch in documentaries. And I make this observation in a good way. That is, I feel like people are rising up and challenging the government about racism, in ways, passionate ways, I have never seen in my whole life.

People are serious because this is not just about blacks–though blacks are disproportionately terrorized by police violence; police are terrorizing everyone (except rich people): middle class and working class.

People are sick and tired of the police. And it’s a damn shame that we have to say stuff like “Not all police are bad” when we are voicing our disgust; because, indeed, the police culture on a whole is corrupt. Even the good cops often back up the corrupt system and defend their criminal colleagues.

I think it’s time for people to start talking about changing the constitution to limit police powers. And the academic requirements to enter the force in any state need to be more than a High School diploma or an Associate’s degree.

Just like there is a rigorous requirement for law school, college professors, and medical practitioners, police officers need to go through that as well. Too many police trash are on our streets, standing next to garbage bins with their guns.

There are many people who want to become police officers, so the requirements need to go up to pick from the brightest. Why should any rambunctious kid who just walked out of high school be allowed to do only—something like—4 months of training and then become a police officer who can arrest her/his former principal?

Even if the training is longer than that, it needs to be formalized with academic rigor.

The police culture and police officers are the greatest threats facing blacks, Latinos, and poor Americans today. I feel like the police seriously threaten my life than the people that the United States lists as the ten most wanted terrorists. How the hell is Assata Shakur a threat to me? Assata isn’t my enemy. I know who the enemy is. It’s the motherfucking police!

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