Return to the Gym

I have been attending the gym only once a week these days. It worried me a bit but not enough because my body isn’t looking like a cane truck yet. But a friend visited me on Sunday and started playing music from his phone. Hearing his sound tracks, I remembered the power of music and the days I used to live in the club, dancing from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. We used to open and close the dance floor. We, Monster Man and others, were the dance floor.

Memory reminded me why I hadn’t been going to the gym often as I used to. My music has not been working properly for the last two months. The headphone I use with my iPod has been making the music sound like echoes. Music is my gym steroid so I’m sure you understand I can’t work out without it.

After my friend left, I bought a headphone that CNET reviewed as one of the best on the market. I should get it today. To ensure all goes well, my friend recommended I stop using my iPod. Use your Samsung S5 phone as your player, he suggested. He then set up the SoundCloud app on my phone and created a dance playlist.

Thrilled, I listened sections of the playlist, but not all of it. I want to experience the full thrill, the fresh thrill, the blood thrill, the nerve thrill, the thoughts thrill, when I hit the gym and hear the beats for the first time.

Gym, I’m on my way with my music and my attitude; I hadn’t abandoned you.

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