Month: November 2014

Media Images Destroy Ferguson

Let us to remember to look at the images we receive—what the media present to us as pictures and scenes and the ones that consequently dominate the imageries of our thoughts. Why are images of looting the popular ones shown

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Anxiety Versus Success

Yesterday, as I rewrote a chapter in a novel I’ve been working on for a while, I said to myself, “I hate this fucking shit, I’ve been working on it for years, I just want it done right so I

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Bill Cosby Scandal. His Defenders Have A Point?

In regards to allegations surrounding Bill Cosby, something is fundamentally wrong if the only positions valued are ones that advocate on behalf of the accusers. It now seems taboo to suggest Bill Cosby might be innocent. Responses to such suggestions

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Return to the Gym

I have been attending the gym only once a week these days. It worried me a bit but not enough because my body isn’t looking like a cane truck yet. But a friend visited me on Sunday and started playing

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Scandal — Time To Feature Olivia Popes Uncontrolled By Sex

In Scandal’s Episode 8: Thou Shall Not Forsake Thy Father, Mellie Grant finally lets her hair down and dishonored a marriage that had long ignored her. Meanwhile, Olivia Pope cried crocodile tears on the phone to get her father to

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A Book I Should Put Together

It occurred to me on November 6th that I have focused so much on editing my novel that I hadn’t realized I could put together a non-fiction collection. I have consistently posted stuff on Facebook for at least 7 years;

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Too Fast: Reading fast, Walking Fast, Writing Fast

Posted on Facebook on October 4th: Lately, I’ve been moving fast. Too fast. Reading fast. Walking fast. Writing fast. Speaking fast. I need to slow down. I have to slow down. I realized I’ve been exploiting the pool of energy

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Response to Joan Rivers’ Death

Response I posted on Facebook on September 5th: I’ve always been a fan of Joan Rivers, but no longer since weeks ago when she made a cold statement regarding dead Palestinians. Today Joan is the one dead and we aren’t

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Richard Wright’s Racism on African Soil

A response I posted on Facebook on September 7th: Feeling lazy, but am about to start reading this 200–page book for an African Theory class on Wednesday: “The Invention of Africa: Gnosis, Philosophy and the Order of Knowledge” by V.Y.

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Slow Down

Had to remind myself this morning to SLOW DOWN, even slow down the speed with which I move to show others I love them.

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