Can People See Your Value?

If you show and tell people who you are and what you reasonably desire but they ignore your messages, you must take their actions seriously. They are saying your presence and desires are not essential to them. They are informing you that you do not matter as much as you would like them to see you, and that if you are absent from their lives, they will miss nothing of value.

We must always remember we have something to offer every human being who moves in our circle, especially if we take time to talk to them, even in a simple place like Facebook or Twitter or in a coffee shop. Having a bunch of friends and associates will add nothing to our lives, except drama, if they do not see our value.

People have a way of realizing when we do not see our own value, and they will insult us, exploit us, and their mannerisms will reveal that, in a second, they will abandon us while thinking they will miss nothing of value.

When we constantly remember our value, automatically without thinking, we will act in ways that show we value ourselves, our presence, and what we offer others. People who see our confidence will feel something, believe we have a deep admiration for values and offerings, and become willing to add their gifts to our lives.

Sure, we all offer value to others. But how will friends, colleagues, and family feel if we are no longer in their circle? Will they believe that they’ll miss anything of value? Have we been acting in ways that subtly remind people around us that they are receiving value from our presence?

Search your lives a bit today. Examine the people and groups that surround you. Notice the ones that speak and act in ways that show their recognition of the value you bring to their lives. Nurture them. Love them. See the ones that show open hostility to your presence. Get rid of them!

Also take note of the ones that are sending mix signals. Often, those ones notice you are not fully aware of your own value. So get rid of your lack of confidence, which has been disabling the brilliant characteristics that reveal you know your worth. Own and walk in your power of worth! The right people will remain in your circle; the right people will leave it.

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