Be Bold Today

Stop being afraid! Just stop being afraid! If you feel like doing something that will hurt no one, just do it.

Stop looking over your back to see whether your neighbor or your family or your friends disapprove!

Who put a roof over your head? Who put shoes on your feet? Who put food in your belly? You. You. You alone.

So why do you keep on caring about what people think? If you feel like going on the sidewalk to hold your belly and scream and laugh, go do it!

Too many of us are immobilized by fear in the process of trying to look too proper, trying too hard to fit in, trying to get approval from people who will not raise a hand to put us in their house if we get kicked out on the street.

In everything we do, we must be bold. Women be bold! Men be bold!

In the process of being bold, don’t make apologizes; don’t provide explanations such as “Well, I don’t usually do this, but now–” or “I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but.”

You don’t have to explain anything to anyone. When you begin to explain, you give others reasons to doubt you, reasons to reprimand you, reasons to shut you down.

Many of us conflate boldness with an in-your-face cocky attitude. No, boldness is confidence. It’s going after what you want. It’s about learning to shut out negative voices while you keep your eyes on the prize.

Many people will not like you because you are bold—but why do you care? They don’t feed or shelter you.

Most people will however admire your boldness because most people are looking for others to inspire them to be bold.

Be bold my sisters and brothers. Be bold today. Be bold at least for a day!

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