Pastor Gets Tolerance For Gay Community

Bible and Gay Tolerance

Bible and Gay Tolerance

I woke up and the first message I read was from a Facebook friend. He is one of the pastors of a large pentecostal church. I didn’t even know who he was until this morning. I guess I need to start reading my friends’ profiles to see who is who, and who might be able to buy me a bank.

He said he has been reading my posts over the years, but has never commented. He admits to logging on to Facebook mostly to read my posts. When I don’t post, he said, It feels like something is missing.

He stated that his church’s theology opposes homosexuality, but from having read my posts over the years, he could not continue another day without reaching out to me. He added that his God told him to “man-up” and contact me and show some love. He has grown tolerant and friendly toward the gay community because of me. It was hard to accept the gay community for a long time, but hearing me speak passionately and knowledgeably for these years made him questioned old beliefs he had.

He ended the email saying, he doesn’t agree with many things I say on a variety of topics including religion, but I inspire him to recognize that people are indeed born differently. He promised to do what he has already began: that is, to reeducate his church about the gay community, because right now, people of color need to be united rather than divided. He encouraged me to continue using my voice, and to not water-down myself to please anyone, because he believes what I’m doing here is going to open new doors for me.

What a great message to hear from such an influential person first thing in the morning! It made my day

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