LGBT Organization Acts Like Bully

Lambda Legal Restaurant Receipt

Lambda Legal Restaurant Receipt

Another example of an LGBT organization acting like a bully around town! That is, Lambda Legal filed a complaint for anti-LGBT slur based on a restaurant receipt. If we read Bilerico Project’s Why Is Lambda Legal Cyberbullying a Small Business, we discover that Lambda Legal is really going after a restaurant that “has gay staff and regularly hosts events like marriage receptions for gay or lesbian couples and private parties for LGBT events.”

Lambda Legal’s bully method in many ways mirrors the bully style of the Israeli lobby AIPAC. Many people would like to support Israel, but when they think of supporting Israel, they are conflicted. On the one hand, they know the people of Israel are different from the political positions the government of Israel takes. They know the Israeli government is the one responsible for creating racist apartheid policies that treat Palestinians as second-class citizens. On the other hand, it is difficult for people to conceptualize the Israeli government as different from the Israeli people.

This has led many people to accept that Israeli Jews need to protect themselves from militant Muslim violence. But at the same time, people resent apartheid. This resentment has forced people to vocally withhold support for Israel. Additionally, Israeli lobbies go after everyone, allies and enemies, who dare to question brutal racists polices of the Israeli government.

Nobody likes to be told they cannot speak. The viscous attacks against free speech have created a culture of cowardice, where most American intellectuals and media-talking heads tow the speaking lines of the Israeli lobbies. Social media follows and keep quiet when it has anything to do with Israel. Or they use fake social media identities to spill their grievances.

Many Israeli Jews believe Americans hate them. No, most people like you. But people hate the racism in your country—the racism you want them to support—the Israeli racism that they condemn, but you turn around and call them anti-Semitic because they advocate against racism.

At the same time, I’m not always mad at the Israeli lobby for their aggressiveness in stamping out free speech. Because the Muslim lobbies have been doing the same thing. I’m convinced that the Middle East needs aggressive Israeli activism to temper Muslim extremism. Without Israel in the Middle East, I have no doubt that Muslim agendas would acquire more freedom to use violence, genocide, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia to get what they want in the name of religion.

Currently, it is not ok to criticize religious violence in Muslim culture anymore. For eight years, the Bush administration used racist policies to attack the Arab community. Under the Obama administration, there have been attempts to disrupt that racist tradition but Obama often caves in to Republican and Democratic leaderships that valorize the old ways.

This has maintained racists legacies which Muslim constituencies use to cry out, “Victim, victim, victim!” But you rarely hear any of them crying, “Look at the victims in the Middle East! Too many Muslim men are killing Arab women, boys and girls!”

Where are the organized Muslim lobbies to eradicate Muslim violence in the Arab world? There are none, or few if any. Prominent Muslim constituencies have demonstrated they will only mobilize to shut up Americans rather than shut down the violence perpetrated by their religious wackos.

Trying to distance itself from that racist past, Americans are now suffering from racist guilt, in the same way many white people suffer from white guilt when it comes to criticizing black people. To address this fear, it is always important to frame arguments so that persons understand the difference between criticizing Arab cultures and the Muslim religion. And one should always speak if you know deep in your heart you did nothing to feel guilty about.

As I see it, Islam is the Arab world’s problem. Islam is one of America’s serious problems. Islam is also one of the world’s critical problems. And haven’t you figured out the secret? Oh, yes, Islam power structures have been using aggressive lobby efforts to hide these truths.

Like the Israeli lobbies, Muslim lobbies have invaded the intellectual, media, and economic lives of America and Europe. People are now afraid of saying “Muslim terrorism,” because such would open them to attacks of being Islamophobia.

Obviously, the Muslim lobbies have taken the trick from the playbooks of Israeli lobbies: Brand critics as racist in order to silence every criticism!

Increasingly, prominent LGBT lobbies have been doing the same thing: Brand critics as homophobic and transphobic first, then ask questions later! Create a culture of fear in order to create a safe space for the LGBT community!

Now when we watch videos of physical altercations between members of the LGBT community and someone from the heterosexual community, our first impulse is to scream, “Homophobia, this should not be tolerated!” rather than to ask, “Did the gay or transgender person began the violence?”

What I’m afraid will get worse is that more people will believe gay people are a powerful class determined to silence both allies and enemies. I am afraid fairness and objectivity will be lost as we intellectually mediate disputes. I don’t want the gay community to emerge from the shadows only to be hated in a new way. So I would like to emphasize that we need to remember that when the gay lobby speaks, it is often a privilege white gay class that speaks.

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