White Woman Racism in Cheektowaga

This white woman in the this video above made me feel so uncomfortable! I am glad the black man got her on camera; because she obviously thought she could call him a nigger and threaten to slap him. I doubt another white man would have threatened to slap a black man like that without expecting the black man to defend himself.

This woman obviously knew her status as a white woman allowed her power to humiliate a black man. We know the ole scene: a white man and a black woman are in confrontation; police comes on the scene; Who is wrong even before the police ask questions? This is not only about racism. This is about gender privilege and disprivilege based on race.

“It’s a man’s world,” many white women often say. But rarely do you hear them specify that the man’s world is the white man’s world. Many white women aren’t holding white men accountable. They make it appear as if all men have the same power. “It’s a man’s world,” said by a white woman automatically renders men of color invisible in the power structure, but visible to share the moral shame of what power does.

Why is it less confrontational to say, “It’s a man’s world” than to say “It’s a white man’s world”? The first statement is dishonest when used by white women in America. It shadows white men from criticisms as it forces men of color to feel as though they are participants in creating power structures that marginalizes white women.

“It’s a man’s world,” said by women of color, means something different. A man’s world for women are color is not only the white man’s political world but also the world of men of color who have power over their private lives.

But how do men of color control white women’s world is something I am still trying to figure out. So whenever I sit back and hear white scholars giggle and say “It’s man’s world” what do I do than keep smiling? Do people prefer to rehear truth when it gives them tough responsibilities or do they prefer to perpetuate whatever lies that makes them feel freer?

These white scholars are brilliant. They need no persuasion that rich and poor white men are the ones sabotaging white women. But only few have been engaging efforts to correct the talking point. And they know women of color will be called angry if they refuse to follow the white women’s way of talking.

To return to the video, I’m satisfied the man kept his calm. I also admire that he didn’t drive off. Why should every black man speed away whenever white woman call them niggers? White women don’t understand their power over black men—a power that they used to silence black men in history when they made up lies about black men’s sexual impropriety toward them.

That power still roams wild. This white woman knew her gender in the presence of the black male body within a site of conflict will work to her benefit. The black man knew it too. He closed the window when she threatened him.

Check out the woman’s follow up interview:

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One comment on “White Woman Racism in Cheektowaga
  1. TheTon says:

    Humiliate him??? He sat there willingly and antagonized her!

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