Jamaican Rice – ‘Ow Fi Cook It?

As a Jamaican, me learn fi cook rice by adding 2 cups ’o wata’ to every cup of rice. For more than 20 years, me rice neva come out well. It was always soggy-soggy, putty-putty, a huge embarrassment to guests who me often see used dem falk and pick ‘way the beans and push me rice to de side.

But goodness, goodness, me Guyanese friend showed me how fi cook rice a different way a few days ago.

Him say, Bwile de rice in lots of water like you would dumplings or potatoes.

Me never understand wha’ him was saying. So me ask, Yuh mean say, me fi cook the rice like how me cook red beans?

HIm say, Same so, same so!

So today me put one cup ’o rice in a one whole pat a wata’. Me cover the pat. Ten minutes lata’ me hear de stove a fry.

Woooiie! Me run inna de kitchen. Wheew! De whole stove flood with rice wata’. Heat was too much fi pat battom. So me mek me new rice and lower the heat.

After it finished cooking, me pour eberyt’ing into a spaghetti strainer. De water run ‘way and left the rice looking shelly. Me run the cookspoon inna de rice. And me never see nothing stick to nothing like swamp latch to boot.

Me sit down ’round me table and put me foot pan one chair, and me eat me rice with 6 slices of grilled pork, two whole sweet plantations, one mango, and one apple. After dat, me sit down in the couch, close me eye dem for ten minutes. Then me git up.

Me bellying bursting, but me drag me-self to the gym, lifted weights like a beast, felt a like a man, and now me deh back inna me house, sipping a glass a wine like rich folk.

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