Month: May 2014

Carolyn Cooper Plays the Caribbean LGBT Community

Carolyn Cooper makes it seem as though she is pro-gay freedom. But who doesn’t notice her struggles to ignore cultural violence and at the same time acknowledge human rights? “I am appalled by the decision of the UWI administration to

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You Can’t Enslave Me

As one of the few black men in doctoral programs in the United States, I don’t have the luxury to not talk about race. I refuse to be another person of color who has entered a traditionally white space, and

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Talk About Race. I Must

It is the case that the white power structure has not only marginalized people of color but also the discourse people of color use to take themselves from history’s margins into the center of talk. I’m saying that it is

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Michael Sam and Interracial Dating

Many people aren’t taking about Michael Sam having a white partner. Indeed, we should be happy for him no matter if he chooses a white, black, pink, or blue man. But we shouldn’t ignore the uncomfortable facts about interracial dating

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