Sister Forces Religion On Dying Gay Atheist

My best friend, who is currently dying in a nursing residence, a friend who is a proud atheist and homosexual, a friend who assigned me as his health care proxy rather than his own family members, faces another hurdle in his life. His Christian sister has been nothing but a parasite at his bedside in his last days praying away his atheist and homosexual demons.

This is friendship and family business, and so you might think I should say nothing about it. But is it really helpful to always keep quiet the very problems that attack us from family and friends?

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Many of you Christians have an obsession with seeing yourselves as a demon possessed by Satan and sin. And so, you view atheists and gays as demon vessels to be rebuked with a good prayer. All this is because you have been trained from the days when you were in your mother’s womb to place responsibility for your life upon a supernatural force.

When things are going well, you praise God. When things are like a storm, you blame Satan whom God created perfectly indeed. As the storms become tornadoes and you can’t cope, you run from your responsibilities. That’s Christianity.

In this sprinting away from owning the truths of your life, you become obsessed with the idea of demon eradication and holy redemption. Trying to redeem yourselves, you hunt for a spiritual rebirth through baptism and prayer.

Sadly, you conceptualize yourselves as delivered from Satan and Sin demons, deliverance into the arms of Jesus. Note that “redemption” here really means that you assigned responsibility for your life to something else which you cannot see. It explains a popular testimony that many of you recite. It goes something like this: “I once was lost, but now I’m found; hallelujah Jesus—Jesus save me. I was filled with the demon Lucifer—Praise God! But now I am filled up with the Holy Ghost, for Jesus Christ freed and filled me.”

Now, as I said before, one of my best friends is dying in a nursing residence. Doctors say he has a couple days or couple weeks at most. I am his health care proxy and his power of the attorney. He loves his family very much but he didn’t assign them these responsibilities because he knew they would never respect his atheist wishes, and he knew they had never fully accepted his homosexuality.

Three months ago he was able to perform mentally and physically like me and most of you. But currently, he is just lying in a nursing residence. He cannot speak but he is able to blink. And at points I ask him to move his fingers if he understands what I’m saying, and he moves them for me. It means some of his brain functions are still working.

He has a sister, who showed up out of nowhere from out of state. The only thing I know about her is that she has been telling him over the years to repent of his homosexual sin, just like his other family members have been doing. For this reason, he never told any of them he was an atheist. By the way, my friend is an educated young man like myself, in my age group.

The sister who is about 50 years old went behind my back and got permission from the social worker at the nursing residence to sleep over for a couple days. And do you know what she has been doing?

She has been terrorizing my friend day and night with bible scriptures about repentance, bible scriptures about when “death” approaches, and bible scriptures about being born again, being delivered from the demons of hell.

This Christian demon herself who is called a sister then told the nursing staff to change my friend’s records and note that he is no longer an atheist; he is now a born again Christian. In addition, she fixed herself in one of those big chairs, right by his bedside greeting all his gay friends and letting them know he is a born again Christian. Obviously, it seems to me she was indirectly telling them to repent of their homosexual sins.

Now Ms T’ing stepped out of her small holy ghost boundaries when she brought her ministry to me. By the way, I didn’t tell you that the first time I spoke to her was months ago when her mother, who is also my friend’s mother, introduced her to me on the telephone. The phone was on speaker so everybody in the room could have heard what she was saying.

The conversation when like this: She said, I am his sister. And I said, nice to meet you. Believe me now, her next sentence was: Could you ask him (my friend) to give you the password to his computer, and could you find out if he has made a will?

I swear—my friend was standing there. This was the beginning of him physically deteriorating but he understood what was going on. Already she was talking about him in front of his face like he didn’t exist.

He was just physically declining. He could speak at the time but he didn’t want to give his family members access to his private information. So apparently, this sister thought she could manipulate me–this homosexual demon.

Shocked at how my friend’s Christian sister didn’t hide her monetary agenda, I said, “This is not what I’m in this for. I am here to help my friend get better.”

Embarrassed by the situation, my friend’s mother took the phone from me and told the sister—who was out of state at the time—that she should never have said that to me.

What an introduction!

Anyway, months later, which is now, the sister finally showed up at the nursing home given that my friend is closer to passing away. Aside from telling all his gay friends that her atheist brother is a born again, and aside from playing Christian music at his bedside all day, and aside from having a huge giant bible opened on his bed, she has been asking his friends for passwords to his financial accounts. And we know that whatever she is hunting for, she is not going to use it to pay tithes and offering.

So her purpose at the nursing residence was to ensure that she met all of her brother’s friends, indirectly make them feel morally impure, torture my friend in his last moment, and to get whatever financial information she could.

The day when I finally met her, three days ago, I acted polite. But she dared to tell me that my friend was a born again Christian. She said it to me. I didn’t ask this woman; she volunteered the information after I was there telling her how I loved her brother and how we shared wonderful time as friends. She interrupted me only to tell me he is a born again Christian, out of nowhere. We were not talking about religion.

Still trying to be polite, I said to her, “If that is the relationship you want to have with him in his current state, then go ahead and accept him as a born again for yourself. But that is not how I will see him. I see him for the very same person he was when he was mentally healthy. That is, he will always be an atheist to me, he will always be a homosexual friend me, he will always be the best caring human being to me.”

She raised her voice and said, “I am his sister” and she emphasized that as though being a friend doesn’t qualify. Then she whispered something beneath her breath about the blood of Jesus as though she was trying to rebuke me, trying to subdue the protesting rebellious demon in me.

But what she didn’t know is that it would have taken the entire host of angels in heaven to subdue a freethinking, radical, atheist, secularist, homosexual demon like me. I have many demons, Honey. She didn’t know that.

But these are demons I love. These are demons that society says are demons but they are freedom, freedom symbols, freedom personalities, freedom characteristics. But she didn’t know that.

Her little whispers about the blood of Jesus wasn’t spiritually bloody enough to cripple the intellectual me. Because I come from that very tradition of baptism in the name of Jesus Christ, of tongue talking like the day of Pentecost of Act 2:38, a tradition of clapping hands and jumping as my body trembled, as I blazed testimonies about the power of the blood of Christ of Calvary from church rostrums.

She didn’t know that. She didn’t even know I could preach. She didn’t know who I was because her God didn’t give her a Dadland Maye 101 Introduction.

But rather than telling her who I was because I didn’t want all this drama to play out in front of my friend, I gave her a quick lecture about herself.

I said to her: You just met me but you have heard that I have been the kind of friend who has been helping your brother more than anyone else. And I just met you and what I will always remember about you is that you are conflict—you are the Christian woman who makes everyone who enter this room feel conflict. You are pure, holy, conflict.

I then left the room and went home. I called her mother and told her the situation. I called a few friends afterward. I then made a decision. It was a tough one, but I could no longer allow her to terrorize my atheist homosexual friend in his last days.

As the health care proxy, I requested that the nursing residence ban her visiting privileges. No more incessant Christian terrorism and demon purification at his bedside. Who want to pray can pray, but daily terrorizing my friend and praying about him needing repentance was over!

As I sat by the bedside yesterday with his Christian mother and one of his Christian friends in the room, I explained to my friend the decision I had made. I then said, “Blink twice if you approve it.”

He blinked and his Christian friend said, “OMG, he blinked!”

I then said, “I know you can’t move your hand, but try to move your finger if you approve of my decision on your behalf.”

His Christian friend again blurted out, “OMG, he moved his fingers!”

That was a touching moment for me, a moment when the eyes can barely speak but they try to speak, a moment when the body cannot speak but the fingers make a suggestion to say, “Yes, thank you.”

That’s a moment to remember.

His mother watched, smiled, but said nothing.

As is it right now, I am opened to allowing the sister to have supervised visits for up to 30 minutes if she promises to desist from the Christian terrorism, because this not about me, it’s about my friend.

But I doubt she would stop as she had made it clear to me in the hospital that she was doing God’s work. And in fact, she is more interested, right now, in taking me to court.

I heard that she is going to sue me.

Wow! I’m soooo scared!

Atheists, as Christians and family members stand firmly in the name of Jesus Christ even though their positions emotionally wound others, you have to also take a stand out of wisdom, a stand with compassion for freedom, a stand that will tell loved ones—Get the hell out of my way!

That’s a stand.

And gay people, make it clear to loved ones that you do not want them to pray away your gayness in the final moments of your life. Please do yourself a favor!

And Christian people, why can’t you have some compassion? Just a little compassion–Why? Why? When will you end the centuries of terrorism? When, Christian people? Children of God, when? Just about when we think a low is the lowest, you always surprise us by establishing a new low. Wow! You are something else!

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3 comments on “Sister Forces Religion On Dying Gay Atheist
  1. KD says:

    Ughhhh this is so disturbing. I just came to Jamaica to live with my family for a while, and the religious haze that cloaks every fucking accept of life is making me nauseous, honestly. But I go to church with my family partly out of respect and partly out of fear of being even more ostracized than I already I am ( bc I have a septum piercing and natural locs). Anyway, you handled the situation well. You know your friend better than the sister does. She is selfish.

    Also, hey I like your face! You’re cute!

  2. Dadland Maye says:

    thank you William

  3. William says:

    Christian terrorism – indeed! Thx for what you have done for him! Respect!

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