Today is Peace

Dadland Maye

Dadland Maye

Today is another great day for me. I feel grounded, independent, confident, affirmed. I am walking the path of my dreams, cheerleading myself (for who else is going to do it for me?), and living and speaking my truth (wasn’t it Audre Lorde who said “Your silence will not protect you”?).

My body feels strong. My thoughts are active and controlled.

Today I know I have something many people aren’t fortunate to have: I feel a powerful inner peace. It is moving through my body like a slow warm cool liquid. Something about it I want to describe but I lack the skillfulness to communicate it.

Yet, I’m hoping my notes will empower your day, remind you that one day we are down, the next day we are up, that yesterday we felt unaccomplished and old, today we feel powerful and matured.

I am speaking, not for me alone, but to convince you to rise up out of any crippling days, weeks, and months of September—November moods. You have never been alone in how you feel useless at times, how you try to fight pressing moods that say life isn’t moving forward, how you feel things are glowing for others but just not for you—you who are aging, believing time is running out, accepting that you need others to help you acquire your goals.

(No, you only need yourself and your ambition to remain strong. The potential helpers will find you when they believe your ambition, works, and strong character will help them as well).

Today I’m speaking to share that we feel that way—many of us—ME—many of the times in my vulnerable moments. These are cyclical moods like the seasons of the year. So yes, you have company. Isn’t it great to know we aren’t alone?

But there comes a time when we need to abandon invisible companies of defeat, claim back the power, step out of paralyzing moods, rush away from relationships with certain friends and strangers, pause connections with specific lovers and family who have been crippling our ears with their negative histories, testimonies, and future outlook.

I never intended to write this much, but here I am writing, knowing I am heard, someone needed to see this note of peace to acquire mental assistance in relocating their own joy, in slowing down their fast-pace thoughts and pace of walking and living.

Because today is new with opportunities to change sceneries and trash defeated lenses used to scope dreams and surroundings. In this new opening of sunlight, wind, and cloud rests a possibility for a new smile.

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