Peace Of Mind — Thoughts Must Be Controlled

I woke up with my thoughts moving fast. Some felt heavy like small pebbles.

They vibrated the pulse on my forehead with stories of doubt, images or conflict, unsatisfied desires.

And my breath felt extra hot leaving my nostrils.

I was aware of every bit of this movement of thoughts, of desires, of heat tension, and of how my morning started aggressively.

In that moment, I decided to breathe deeply as I said, “Yes” as I permitted those aggressions another minute in my body and “Yes” again because it was time they leave. “Yes, another day, I’ll deal with you ONE by ONE.”

Yes, I had to reclaim my morning of peace.

If my body has no peace, I’ll find none in the world today.

Thoughts must be controlled or they’ll control us!

I’m lighter now, calm, and my thoughts are smiling triumphantly.

I’m about to drink my coffee

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