Don’t Let People Bring You Down

When you practice ambition, people will gossip. You should hear their dialogue without allowing your own voices to fall as secondary actors to theirs. Or else you risk becoming a frame of flesh housing another’s desires and prophesies for your life.

When you assert your ambition with enthusiasm, many will say you are cocky. But don’t contemplate with excessive labor their labeling. Often it isn’t you who manifest cockiness; it is the ambition of their low self-esteem and pedigree insecurity that have grown more powerful than the goodness in them.

When you embrace your ambition, weak-minded friends, unsupportive family, and envious allies might see you as competition and resent you. The peace you have made with your life interrogates their testimonies, their history, and their future. Whatever wrong messages they have been receiving about themselves, they cope by judging your ambition as a problem. Your life becomes their problem. So that whenever they see you in their thoughts, they meet their weaknesses because they encounter manifestations of your strengths.

When you live your ambition, really let Your living live.

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