Month: August 2013

Gay Murders Jamaica – Gay Community Divided

On August 16, 2013, CNN provided Dane Lewis, executive director of Jamaica Forum For Lesbians All-Sexuals & Gay, an opportunity to condemn the murder of cross dresser Dwayne Jones who succumbed to homophobic violence at a party. Out of Dwayne

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Jump In Reported Gay Attacks Across Jamaica

By Maurice Tomlinson In the past month there has been a jump in reported anti-gay attacks across Jamaica: 1) On July 22, 17-year-old cross-dresser Dwayne Long Jones was stabbed and shot to death and thrown into nearby bushes at public street-dance

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Being Black — Oh What A Burden

Let me get to the point quickly and say that I have a burden. I’ve been carrying this elephant for long enough. Now I need an audience to relive me. You don’t have to say a word—Just listen. Because when

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I Failed Oshane Gordon. I Will Not Fail Dwayne Jones

By Maurice Tomlinson In the early morning on August 18, 2011, armed thugs barged into the small home that 16 year-old Oshane Gordon shared with his mother in the resort town of Montego Bay, Jamaica. As Oshane tried to flee through

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Jamaica Boycott Or Not? A Question For Canadians

By Maurice Tomlinson Boycotts are very blunt instruments used to get attention. They should be used sparingly or they can do more harm than good. I only recommend them whenever there is no other way to get the intended party

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Peace Of Mind — Thoughts Must Be Controlled

I woke up with my thoughts moving fast. Some felt heavy like small pebbles. They vibrated the pulse on my forehead with stories of doubt, images or conflict, unsatisfied desires. And my breath felt extra hot leaving my nostrils. I

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Being Jamaican — Oh What A Burden!

Part of the burden of being Jamaican in America is that I have to consistently negotiate patriotic allegiance to my native heritage while embracing patriotic allegiance to America. Such allegiances often conflict given the global positioning of both countries—one as

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Don’t Let People Bring You Down

When you practice ambition, people will gossip. You should hear their dialogue without allowing your own voices to fall as secondary actors to theirs. Or else you risk becoming a frame of flesh housing another’s desires and prophesies for your

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Is There Life After Death? A Conversation

By Sincere Kirabo Doing a Philosophy doctoral dissertation on the subject of Immortality and the Mind-Body Problem, a devout Catholic who discovered me through a mutual friend sought my insight. Referencing dualism that posits the mind exists separately from the

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Out Of The Closet Of Fear Of Gay Of Atheism Of Living

I aspire to be one whose presence is desired to heal a broken place or grace an uplifting space—whose counsels and critiques are respected as insightfully beneficial even if provocative—whose cultivations are even vigorously opposed yet accepted as forwarding a

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