What Contributes To My Gym Consistency?

I’ve been sticking to my gym goals for the last three months. I feel more youthful, more sexy, stronger, and confident than I felt 6 years ago. Yes more men and ladies have been looking at me. I don’t think it’s for sexual reasons though. I guess they admire me looking healthy.

Oh yes, I love the attention—do you? But I don’t go to the gym just to get looked at. I fundamentally go to keep myself motivated about life. When not consistent with the gym, I usually feel easily discouraged by life, tired quite often, and I soothe my down moments by eating junk food, and I tend to handle problems less wisely.

Now what has contributed to my consistency in the gym lately and given me a new way to see the gym as a lifestyle habit?

living a healthy live

Dadland Maye at the gym

I began to observe my eating and sleeping patterns on workout days when I have the most energy. I noticed I usually have 8 full hours of sleep the night before and I often have an apple before bed to ensure my intestines are cleaned while I’m asleep.

In the mornings, I have one cup of black coffee and in addition to the night’s apple, I ‘m forced to use the bathroom soon after waking up. That is a great sign of a healthy metabolism. About two hours later, I have a protein shake/smoothie with maybe two boiled eggs or a sandwich or with nothing. And for lunch I eat a very heavy chicken or fishmeal.

Because I’m busy throughout the day, my body works off those calories while giving me energy for later. When I get home, it’s mandatory that I take a ten-minute nap before going to the gym. If I don’t do this, I can’t work out; I’ll be too tired.

At the gym, I have to stretch before working out and I HAVE to do a yoga headstand for at least two minutes during the stretch. The headstand sends extra blood to my brain and gives me a rush of energy and always removes any lazy moods I took to the gym.

During my workout, I have music on my ears and I dance with the music while working out. I don’t care who thinks I’m crazy. I’m not in the gym for them. In fact, they smile whenever they see me and so often I get the question—“What kind of music do you listen?”

“Calypso” I always lie. I just don’t want people in the gym up in my business like that.

Importantly as well, I have a small notebook. I take notes of what exercises I lift, the number of abs and cardio I do.  The following days I use that as a guideline to beat my numbers.

My mindset about the gym has also change. No matter how lazy I feel, I push myself to go five days a week even though 4 days a week is good enough according to the experts. Sometimes I go and just do one exercise and leave, but at least I went. Importantly, I never rush to leave the gym. I use the body all day to do all kinds of things and all it wants is two hours of my time—yes, I have no problem with that.


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One comment on “What Contributes To My Gym Consistency?
  1. it was nice to know, you get beniffited by excercising and doing some streches…

    Working out in a gym really works a lot in making us more youthful and admirable…

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