Sex Scandal but Weiner Should Still Run For Mayor

Cindy McCain accuses Anthony Weiner of being a predator. Aside from Cindy McCain whose husband is ok with the drone murders of more than 727 innocent Pakistanis, the “predator” word has been floating around a lot. I don’t understand whom this man is preying on. So he likes young girls—not children—not teenagers—so why the word “predator”? If he were sexting women in his age group, would we be using the word “predator?”

Indeed I believe recent revelations raises questions about Weiner’s integrity—but the criticism hasn’t focused on SPECIFICALLY how the damaged integrity will affect his efficiency and effectiveness as a New York mayor. I need examples of what particular policy implementations will be hampered by Wiener’s sleeping around and lying to us about it.

Bloomberg lies to New Yorkers all the time including when he said he would run for only two terms but then cajoled the City Council with his billionaire chess fund and snatch three terms in office. And Council Speaker Christine Quinn lies for Bloomberg everyday saying the New York police department’s Stop and Frisk Policy of black and Latino men has brought down crime when research counters that assertion.

Some of you might say, “But Weiner’s lie is different” and I will understand what you mean but will nonetheless make it known that lies are lies. I don’t want to play church here, trying to figure out which sin is greater sin. But let’s say I should play church–because don’t we all do sometimes?

Frankly, I am more comfortable with Weiner lying to me about his marriage than Christine Quinn and Bloomberg lying to me about the city I elect them to manage. In other words, I’m saying I don’t care enough (just a teeny bit) about what Weiner does in his bedroom or against his marriage. I care MORE about the deceits that plague government affairs.

Did Weiner rape any women? Has any women come forward and confessed they received sexting they hadn’t encouraged. This whole “predator” word is certainly making these women seem powerless as though their complicity in this erotic affair has no significance because they are women.

They got erotic pleasure through their permission so why are they considered as victims of predator behavior? This ties into the narrative that once men are the actors, then the men must be blamed and the women will always be seen as victim even when no woman is claiming victim.

Yesterday as well, we hear Chris Matthews on MSNBC saying Weiner pulls his wife into the public so she can make a statement for him. An overly emotional Matthews says this was the first time Weiner has ever pulled his wife into the public and this was disgraceful. What should be noted here is that the male is the one doing the action. Weiner is shown as pulling his wife. The wife is featured as the powerless symbol whose presence is casted as the victim of an acting male. The male pulls his wife; therefore the male is acting subject. The wife/woman is object property of the male, object of the sentence, and objectified entertainment for our eyes which pity her because we see her weaknesses, not her strengths.

I’m not saying cheating is right or wrong. That’s another debate. I’m just saying the attacks against Weiner are not well thought out. How much do we know about their relationship? That we are exploring how bad a husband he is—might we all speculate whether she could be the kind of wife who nags a husband, threatens him, and is very selfish? Which is worst—a cheating husband or a selfish wife? Which is worst—an official lying to us about their personal marriage or an official lying to us about how they are managing our public trust and business?

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