Month: July 2013

Manuscript Rejection Letter Motivates Me

I won’t mention the name other than to say I got a rejection letter on July 23 from a respected name in one of the big publishing houses. At first I felt downhearted but minutes later I found strength because

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What Contributes To My Gym Consistency?

I’ve been sticking to my gym goals for the last three months. I feel more youthful, more sexy, stronger, and confident than I felt 6 years ago. Yes more men and ladies have been looking at me. I don’t think

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Sex Scandal but Weiner Should Still Run For Mayor

Cindy McCain accuses Anthony Weiner of being a predator. Aside from Cindy McCain whose husband is ok with the drone murders of more than 727 innocent Pakistanis, the “predator” word has been floating around a lot. I don’t understand whom

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Dwayne Jones Killed In Jamaica—Christian Cannibalism

17-year-old cross-dresser Dwayne Jones was mobbed and murdered in Jamaica yesterday.  Allegedly he was in the dancehall dancing with a man. A woman who knew he was no man blurted out the story to the party. Dancehall consensus turned against Dwayne.

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Some Resentment For The Tone Of The Royal Birth

  So I have no choice but to sit back and feel–(but how do I really feel?)–because I refuse to join the many poor people and glorify this royal birth (for how many common babies had to die so this

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Obama’s Cowardice After The George Zimmerman Verdict

<!– _ No doubt Al Sharpton has already shown years of commitment to poor folks and his record is strong on civil rights issues and he should be the one most credited for bringing the Zimmerman issue to public attention

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