Blacks On Massa Barack Obama’s Plantation

Supreme Court strikes down DOMA—Yeahhh! Surely President Obama has led the country to be more understanding of gay marriage. But we have to remember he did this because gay activists kept forcefully knocking on his door and even calling him the hypocrite who failed to mirror his story of black disprivilege to the story of gay exclusion.

Many gay people at the time were divided with some saying, “Hey give the president a damn break! America isn’t ready for gay marriage!” Others disagreed saying, “We don’t care if America is ready, We are ready. If Obama is president, he must show moral leadership.”

The latter hardcore gay activists—the ones I admire—pulled out a few Hollywood big names and corporate donors and threatened to hold back funding for the president’s re-election campaign. I remember at one point the president was supposed to attend a New York fundraiser and gay activists with fundraising potentials threatened to withhold support it if Obama didn’t become clearer about his position on gay marriage.

obama avoids black community

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Y’all remember that Obama was wish-washy on gay issues—always dodging—flip-flopping from the back with no agenda to support gay rights then? His support was just to give a few fancy speeches and throw gay civil unions in one line, gay civil rights in another, and mix the gay-lines with talking points such as “No red states or blue states but the United States of America.”

He mixed up the gay topics into the larger topic of things—because he hadn’t wanted the gay topic to stand out and tarnish his message. But hardcore gay activists needed more than fancy speeches. They needed results. They didn’t need a president who courted them in secret suites but scorned their agenda on public streets. Their organization forced Obama to recognize their plight.

Specifically looking at black gay activists, however, many had productively questioned whether the fight for gay marriage/gay civil rights was a white struggle. And indeed, such persons like Kenyon Farrow to which the link refers provided insightful critiques. Other blacks activists, on the other hand, were merely jumping on a bandwagon without accessing sufficient information. All they knew was that they were uncomfortable pressing the first black president on this issue for somewhere it got stuck in their skulls that they wouldn’t have benefitted from gay marriage, only white gay people would.

They were indeed wrong, because I know a few black gay persons who are now able to marry their foreign lovers and sponsor them for a Green Card because the gay activists engineered the dismantling of DOMA. Now the federal government recognizes gay marriage. As well, black couples can now die in peace knowing federal laws will not tax their spouses differently and their estates will be transferred to their lovers without discrimination.

Now don’t get me wrong! Many blacks had been out their in the streets fighting for gay marriage. I oppose any observation that says the success was solely a white activist effort. So it should be clear I’m particularly referring to some black gay folks. But “some” nonetheless refers to significant numbers within the community.

My commentary emphasizes a look at black activist behaviors because when it comes to addressing race in America, Obama has been silent, hip-hopping from the back, showing no moral leadership, and as Tavis Smiley and Cornel West repeatedly say, blacks have given Obama a free pass.

There should be no doubt the black community enabled Obama treating it with scorn as he trots around lauding the close-knitted aspirations of other groups. When it comes to the black community, however, he publicly whips it, strategically gives it a lashing so the world will not missed seeing the rhetorical whip rise and painfully fall as in one case in 2011 when tells he the Congressional Black Caucus, “I don’t have time to complain. I am going to press on. I expect all of you to march with me and press on. Take off your bedroom slippers, put on your marching shoes. Shake it off. Stop complaining, stop grumbling, stop crying.”

Would he have told any other community it’s lazy? No, he wouldn’t. On the one hand, Obama wants to stay far from the community, afraid it will politically stain him with too much blackness. On the other hand, he accesses his blackness whenever he needs to note its communal weakness in order to strategically compel white voters to understand he is calling out his tribe, putting them into their place, compelling them out of a state of stereotypical black laziness.

Perhaps, his progressive views even reflected that of his caring white grandmother and white grandfather who raised him in a home that was perhaps too white if we are to consider Obama’s zero record on black civil rights issues when he was candidate Obama in 2008 when even Al Sharpton had to say Obama isn’t black enough. A New York Post article quotes a prominent Democratic activist referring to how Al Sharpton had felt: “He’s saying that Obama never did anything for the community, never worked with anybody from the community, that nobody knows the people around him, that he’s a candidate driven by white leadership.”

Blacks have not stood up with a clear agenda like the Latino community on immigration. They have not stood determinedly like the Jewish community which ensures educational boards, high courts, White House staffs, community redistricting organizations are staffed with Jewish friendly persons because there will/and should NEVER be a second Holocaust. Instead, the black community has taken an active stand against anyone who raises the question—“Shouldn’t we criticize Obama on the same black civil rights subjects of which we had accused Regan, Clinton, and the Bushes of inaction?”

Please note that my reference to the black community accounts for a behavioral pattern employed by significant numbers within the population—not all black people. And this black community, of which I speak, is too predictable. It makes noise for a few weeks when one of its members gets killed by the police and when the media gets bored from profiteering from stories of race, it tolerates its agenda being dumped by the wayside. The black community’s political allegiance is too deeply in favor of the Democratic Party, too committed to the directive of certain career driven civil rights leaders and intellectuals, too brainwashed about tolerating the careless agenda of a black president who cares mostly about getting along with selfish white power brokers in Washington.

I even dare sum up this observation to say too many blacks have been too busy lifting pickaxes on Massa Obama’s plantation, ready to limb away friendships and politeness when threatened by any who dare to criticize the first black president. Yesterday, for instance, I wrote something on Facebook critical of Obama and a black friend wrote, “I’m sorry, I completely disagree…and so vehemently, I have to unfriend you. Sorry.”

Sorry indeed—because now I so miss that friend because—how will I eat and sleep without him!?

If I were a white man, is it ridiculous to say this social media friend would have accused me of being racist? Do you understand why there can be no honest discussion of race in America? Everybody wants to have a dialogue on race, we hear everyday.

Although the black-me can tolerate a few attacks and even remain steadfast with my criticisms while being called Uncle Tom, are white people able to stomach anyone accusing them of being racists because they criticize the first black president? So will there ever be a big national dialogue on race?

Tell me a few things—

Tell me a list of things President Obama has done to ensure black public schools get the same (not extra special) types of resources like white public schools.

Tell me a list of things this president has done to ensure that the nature of the War on Drugs is brought to the light of day so that it will stop being a War against Latino and African American brothers—a war on drugs that has made blacks and Latinos prison cattle for suburban employment—a war on drugs that has the support of prison lobbies which are known to petition Congress to increase minimum mandatory sentencing for certain offenses and to transform disorderly conduct into felonies so as to ensure the prisons are well stocked all the time and suburban residents won’t have to vote out their congress person for not providing employment.

Tell me a list of things this president has done to ensure equal resources (not anything extra to black people; just equal) are given to court appointed defense attorneys in communities where many African American and Latino people live—so as to lighten the work load of lawyers who desire to be lawyers rather than overwork horses that have no option than to force their innocent clients to accept felony plea deals.

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