America Far Safer For Gay Jamaicans

The Jamaica Observer published this article on on February 15, 2011:

It was satisfying to see the February 12 headline, “28 gay Jamaicans granted asylum in US last year” because indeed, gay Jamaicans are running for their lives. They seek refuge from some in academia, the self-righteous, political grandstanding and poor policing. Where one, two, three or more of these “institutions” are gathered touching anything concerning the “funny-man” or “she-man,” then “Father Hate” and “Uncle Murder” are in the midst to do Jamaica’s good.

Who will deny the usefulness of the frequent islandwide homophobic rhetoric in uniting “Holy-Ghost tongue-talking” Jamaicans, rude boys coming together to salute with guns, some politicians standing in oneness to applaud because there will be a Gomorrah-free Cabinet, and lousy music artistes firing up a crowd, not with lyrics but with “fire bun them”? And where are the academic divas and wisdom rebels to inject logic, to water down the fire, clean up the blood and bury the gay murder rate? Are the divas and rebels in an intellectual fowl coop hiding?

Jamaica is not the only murderous country. The problem with much of Jamaica is that it seems to be obsessed with violence. Inflicting blood, pain and shame give too many Jamaicans a consensual mood which appears to have become a cultural thrill. Indeed, it would be naïve of anyone to think that America is paradise for those gay Jamaicans whom it has granted refuge. America has many cases of homophobia where there is a higher level of alarm when it’s homophobia against whites and a lower level for other races. That is something America should be ashamed of. There doesn’t seem to be much evidence that America has sufficient conscience on that matter. However, Immigration Equality rightly understands that America is nonetheless far safer for gay Jamaicans. Pity that most Jamaicans are still in such denial!

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