Jump In Reported Gay Attacks Across Jamaica

Jamaican gay activist

Attorney-at-Law involved in LGBTI and HIV and AIDS activism in Jamaica and the Caribbean for over 14 years

In the past month there has been a jump in reported anti-gay attacks across Jamaica:

1) On July 22, 17-year-old cross-dresser Dwayne Long Jones was stabbed and shot to death and thrown into nearby bushes at public street-dance near the resort city of Montego Bay. The Minister of Justice condemned the barbaric act.

2) On August 1, as reported on CVM TV, a suspected gay police officer was mobbed in downtown Kingston and fellow officers had to fire gunshots into the air and teargas into the crowd to disperse them.

3) Also on August 1 READ FURTHER

Being Jamaican — Oh What A Burden!

being Jamaican

Being Jamaican

Part of the burden of being Jamaican in America is that I have to consistently negotiate patriotic allegiance to my native heritage while embracing patriotic allegiance to America. Such allegiances often conflict given the global positioning of both countries—one as imperialistic; the other as object of imperialism. Negotiating allegiance becomes exhausting whenever I have to constantly ensure Americans and Jamaicans realize I employ no patriotic preference when it comes to critically examining popular culture and current affairs. READ FURTHER

Gay Jamaican Mobbed — Another One

gay activist jamaica

Attorney-at-Law involved in LGBTI and HIV and AIDS activism in Jamaica and the Caribbean for over 14 years

On September 20, 2013 after visiting a friend in Newlands, St. Catherine, a 22-year-old Jamaican was walking home. Without warning, a mob of about 20 to 30 men began shouting, “Ketch di battyboy!” meaning catch the faggot.

“Kill the battyman!” they shouted. “Hol’ him no mek him get ‘way!” meaning, Kill the battyman; hold him, don’t let him escape!

He began running for his life. Feeling three stones slamming into his back, he continued running until he couldn’t see anyone or anything. “One stone left a scar on my upper back,” he stated...Read Further

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Don Lemon Attack On Blacks – His Blackness and Queerness

Don Lemon Race

Don Lemon and Bill O'Reilly

Don Lemon’s attack on black community references his shame of his race, his resentment of his sexuality, his pandering to a white audience and hustling for CNN ratings. To remain relevant at CNN, Lemon uses his blackness as privilege in an industry saturated by whiteness. His privilege doesn’t place him superiorly above his white peers that allot him this advantage.

For in the interests of corporate profits, whiteness expects Lemon’s black body to sell the impression that—White power structures are remedying centuries of capitalistic colonialism; whites are now peacemakers rather than blood-shedders;

imperialist whiteness is affirmative-action-ing; and importantly, violent whiteness should no longer be the civil rights question because violent blackness has become America’s problem. READ FURTHER

Dwayne Jones — I FAILED YOU!

dwayne Jones

Dwayne Jones Funeral

In the early morning on August 18, 2011, armed thugs barged into the small home that 16 year-old Oshane Gordon shared with his mother in the resort town of Montego Bay, Jamaica. As Oshane tried to flee through a window, the men chopped on his foot.

When they caught, they finished him off with several more blows from their machetes. The men then went back for Oshane’s mom and chopped her up as well. But thankfully she survived. The reason given for this brutal assault was Oshane’s “questionable relations with another man.” READ FURTHER

Out Of The Closet Of Fear Of Gay

Black Atheist on youtube


I aspire to be one whose presence is desired to heal a broken place or grace an uplifting space—whose counsels and critiques are respected as insightfully beneficial even if provocative—whose cultivations are even vigorously opposed yet accepted as forwarding a needed dialogue—who understands that fulfilling a moral human role also gives stamina to cope with insecurities: those many inner character assassinators that hatch within the moods including loneliness. 

But what Loneliness? Great ambitions and talent but the inability to discern cheerleaders. Erotic desires but no exploring partners. Thoughts so outrageous they must be filtered by the thinker only. Artistic productions that just sit in computer folders and binders, weeping (Oh Dadland who hopes!) waiting to be seen, waiting for opportunities. READ FURTHER

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Jamaican LGBT Activists Protest In The Heart of Homophobia

gay jamaica

LGBT Jamaicans protest

LGBT Jamaicans and their allies protested the increased attacks against gay Jamaicans in front of Devon House in the afternoon rain on September 10th.  According to one organizer Angeline Jackson of Quality Citizenship Jamaica (QCJ), the protest was successful “because we have not received reports of anyone being attacked. We had approximately thirteen participants, including the organizers, despite the weather condition. We had four homeless MSM who were brave enough to stand. And we received good media coverage, the best to date I believe, with persons from BBC, CVM TV and CCTV of China.” Read Further 

Jamaica Boycott Or Not?

jamaica boycott

Boycott Jamaica

Boycotts are very blunt instruments used to get attention. They should be used sparingly or they can do more harm than good. I only recommend them whenever there is no other way to get the intended party to take you seriously.

A boycott of Jamaica by Global North countries over our treatment of LGBT persons would be devastating. The country is right now in a very precarious financial situation and a lot is riding on the upcoming winter tourist season. READ FURTHER

Dwayne Jones Killed In Jamaica—Christian Cannibalism


17-year-old cross-dresser Dwayne Jones was mobbed and murdered in Jamaica yesterday.  Allegedly he was in the dancehall dancing with a man. A woman who knew he was no man blurted out the story to the party. Dancehall consensus turned against Dwayne. Hands began touching him to verify whether he had a penis or vagina.  Upon confirmation Dwayne Jones had no vagina, the typical homosexual murder process started. As of now, I don’t know whether Dwayne’s male dance partner had jumped on the murdering bandwagon. But if such had been the case, I can tell that many people will say, “Dwayne shouldn’t have been fooling this man that he was a woman? READ FURTHER